Pyronix Hikvision Enforcer V10 ENF/KIT1-UK
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Pyronix Hikvision Enforcer V10 ENF/KIT1-UK

£300.00 Prices Inc VAT

Pyronix Combined Enforcer Kit 1.Includes:

  • 1x ENF32UK-WE
  • 2x KX10DP-WE
  • 1x MC1MINI-WE
  • 2x KF4-WE
  • 1x DIGI-Wi-Fi

This panel is compatible with all communication modules), bell cover and base sold separately

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Pyronix ENF/KIT1-UK Enforcer Wireless Alarm Kit with Bellbox

One panel to suit them all – The easiest installation choice you’ll have to make: All the best features of the Enforcer 32WE and Enforcer HomeControl+ panels brought together with the Enforcer V10. Instead of options being black or white, now you can provide any functionality or application with one panel. Superior security, Wi-Fi as standard, compatible with all communications and much more. The Enforcer V10 is changing the game

This Alarm is the best of both worlds; with superior security and ease of use. The system comes with Wifi as standard, using the Pyronix cloud and homecontrol+ you can have complete control from anywhere in the world using your smart apps either on android or iOS. Both Homecontrol and Pyronix cloud are encrypted to the highest standard so you know your security is paramount. This Pyronix Enforcer is also compatible will all other pyronix communication options giving you the freedom to customise your own security set up and optimise your safety.

No extra technical knowledge is needed with this system, gone is the need to set up static IP or configure networks; it is as simple as setting up an account on the cloud and you are able to set, unset, get system status and receive push notifications from any events. The menus are simple to navigate consisting of simple yes/no questions to allow fast installation. This kit price also includes the dummy base and sounder cover to ensure you have everything you need to be secure.